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مرحبا بكم في موقع شركة المحامون المتحدون للاستشارات القانونية والمحاماة وتنظيم الحسابات المحدودة

Foreign Companies    Registration

It is my pleasure to welcome you at the web-site of the UNITED LAWYERS FIRM.     I and my colleagues are fully hopeful that you would discover in it your desired aim of research.

1- Copy of issued Registration Certificate registered by the authorized body in the original country.

United Lawyers is an Iraqi Legal Partnership, made up of a group of experienced lawyers and registered in the Iraqi Trade Ministry and Iraqi lawyers bar.

Patent Registration

The UNITED LAWYERS is a pioneer legal FIRM in Iraq extending integrated legal services in diverse legal branches (civil , penal, companies, taxes, investment) by virtue of its personnel of

The aim of issuing this guide is to introduce the web-site visitor to the proceedings to be complied with upon patent registration as well as

Registration of trade marks
in Iraq

 Instructions for Founding
of Iraqi Companies

The subject of registration of commercial trademarks and data is governed by Act No. 21 for year 1957 “Commercial Trademarks and Data” whose latest amendment was by CPA

Statement of Practice

First :
Submitting an application to the Companies Registrar signed by the founders’ legal deputy, in accordance

Companies Law, Investment and Commercial Law, General Civil Law,State Responsibility Compensation and Governmental Contracts, Marketing and Banking Affairs, Real estate Cases, National and Foreign Companies Register, Trademark and Patent Register.